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Simeon Patarozliev - Professional 3D Artist available for freelance job so feel free to contact him.

Kalina Panayotova - Specialist in developing web applications.

Teodor Rusev - Silver light specialist. Custom software solutuions developer.



Sport Supplements - "Dobavki i Zdrave"

Advertising agency - Biss bg - everything for your business advertising.

Web designer

Usefull links


www.deviantart.com - Online world for artists.

www.dafont.com - Fonts! Big quantity with big quality.

W3Schools - If you want to learn html, css, php, javascript and more...

Photoshop BG - Bulgarian web area for learning Photoshop and more...

Adobe Kuler - Make or get a set of colors.

URI Image convertor - Convert your images with the BASE64 system. Eliminate 1 http request